Nature and Culture

Ii offers residents and visitors a clean environment, magnificent river and sea landscapes and a peaceful place.

A diverse nature abound with waterways provides a splendid setting for outdoor activities, berry picking, hunting, fishing, sports and boating.

Various events organised all year round, along with lively cultural and association activities, establish the foundation for the inhabitants’ comfort and well-being, and also attract guests and leisure-time residents to Ii.

Ii attracts thousands of visitors each year, entertaining them with music, plays, art, sporting activities and culture. Bursting with ideas, Ii people have created annual extravaganzas for the entertainment of all. These include the ART Ii environmental art festival, the Kuningasjätkä lumberjack event, the Kuivaniemi Heritage Market, the Iin Wanhan Haminan market event, and the Horror Film Festival Iik!!.

And while in Ii, you must visit KulttuuriKauppila, which is an atelier of the local and international artist offering exhibitions, education, culture for children, art productions and community art.

Nature and Culture