Next to the sea and rivers

One of the best known islands in the Ii estuary is Röyttä, which may also be the most visited. To distinguish the island from the island Röyttä located in the Tornio estuary, it is commonly known as Ii Röyttä. The distance from the Ii estuary to the island is approximately four kilometres.

The water element has a powerful presence in Ii. Ii Municipality is intersected by Iijoki, Olhavanjoki and Kuivajoki rivers, which in ancient times were among the most important waterways running into the Bay of Bothnia. In present-day Ii, the seashore line is over 50 kilometres long. Ii’s population was substantially strengthened during the 14th and 15th centuries when the Bay of Bothnia shore was vigorously settled.

Fishing has always been an important means of livelihood and a way of life to Ii inhabitants. Hauling fish, fish keeping, farming and processing constitute a significant source of income for many Ii dwellers. Ii Rantakestilä offers an opportunity to become acquainted with the fish hatchery located there, and also with issues pertaining to Ii’s extensive fish keeping activities. Rantakestilä guest harbour also offers facilities for refuelling and emptying the toilet.

The Ii shore estuary is popular among boaters. Kuivaniemi's versatile Vatunki harbour provides services to those travelling by sea as well as by land. The harbour area has a good-quality service building for holidaymakers, a refuelling station and a caravan area.