Ii accelerates Green Energy

Energy efficiency is taken into account in municipal decision making as Ii is part of Towards Carbon Neutral Municipalities (HINKU) -project that brings residents, experts and companies together to create and carry out solutions in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Significant renewable energy implications are being activated in the area producing new business opportunities and competence to entire Northern Finland.

Significant results in reducing CO2 emissions

HINKU is coordinated by the Finnish Environment Institute. Since 2012, Municipality of Ii is committed to an 80 % reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from the level of 2007 by 2020. This is more extensively and rapidly than EU targets would require.

Ii region produces hydro, geothermal and wind power as well as peat and wood based fuels. One of Finland’s largest and tallest windfarm is located near by the sea shores of Ii.

Ii is also part of Finnish Sustainable Communities (FISU), read more...

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