Old Ii Hamina.
Seaside town with 10,000 residents and over 1,500 leisure apartments.

Ii is located 35 km north from the city of Oulu, along on the highway E75. The nearest airport and train station are in Oulu. Public bus runs to Ii from Oulu city center once a hour and takes about 50 minutes. See


Looking for rental apartments in Ii? Iin Vuokratalot ltd is municipality owned company, that rents terraced house apartments in Ii and Kuivaniemi. In Ii there are 134 apartments and Kuivaniemi has a total of 68 apartments. The apartments are either double or tripled rooms and most of them also have an own sauna. The apartments are unfurnished but there is a refrigerator and stove in the apartment.

You can apply for a apartment by filling out an application form on our website: Iin Vuokratalot ltd

Daycare and Education

Basic education covers preschool and school years from 1 to 9. Ii's upper Secondary School is specialized in International Art. All education is free of charge (no tuition fees). Students are offered a warm meal per day. Ii was a first Municipal in Finland to ban energy drinks being sold to children under 15 year olds.

Health and Social Services

The wellbeing services county of North Ostrobothnia, (in Finnish Pohde) is responsible for organising public health, social and rescue services for all residents in the area. See more:

Culture, nature, events and visiting sights

Two libraries (Ii and Kuivaniemi) are open to everybody and services are free of charge. You can get a personal library card if you are a Finnish resident.

Ii has plenty of opportunities for outdoor sports like skiing, swimming, running and biking for example in Illinsaari Outdoor area.

History and our present day come together in old market place Wanha Hamina, which is one of Finland’s oldest trading posts. Today the Wanha Hamina area hosts music concerts, plays and other celebrations. Local museum of Ii is open from June to the beginning of August, free admission.

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