Welcome to Municipality of Ii

Where the see and rivers meet.

Only 25min drive to north from City of Oulu, Ii offers secure living, innovative and competitive business premises and relaxing leisure time opportunities in the bosom of beautiful seaside surroundings.

Ii is a growing region with around 10,000 residents and over 1,500 leisure apartments. Ii attracts thousands of visitors each year, entertaining them with summer fairs, art, fishing and boating.

Many people wonder about Ii’s unusual short name. The origin of the name is said to be based on the Sami word iddja or ijje which means night. Ii was formed as administrative borough in 1445. Back then, Ii was known as a trading centre and a harbour, that exported salmon, peat and furs.

In 2024 we celebrate our history as Ii turns 650 years old!

Awarded climate actions and Innovative Politics

Ii is known as one of the best Bioeconomy cases in the Nordic region and thrives to become a zero emission and waste-free community. The municipality has set an ambitious goal to reduce 80 percent of carbon emissions by the year 2020, which is over 30 years faster than the EU climate target. 

See our video about climate actions

Contact information

Mayor, Ms. Marjukka Manninen
marjukka.manninen [at] ii.fi, tel +358 50 390 066

Communication and Marketing Manager, Ms. Anna Saksio
anna.saksio [at] micropolis.fi, tel. +358 40 5353 362